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Monitoring with Sensu

Sensu Logo

At YouVersion, we have been using Nagios or Icinga to monitor our infrastructure for years and years. It has served us well over the years and we don’t have a ton of complaints in terms of functionality. It has been fairly solid for us over the years, but it ... Read more »

High Load in Wheezy, High Interrupts for Rescheduling interrupts and timer

Update #6: I have gotten absolutely no where with this with the Debian folks. It looks like we're going to have to take this directly to the kernel developers and see what they have to say. I posted to the linux-kernel mailing list hoping somebody will be able to help ... Read more »

Backup to Google Cloud Storage Using Duplicity on Ubuntu

Since I migrated my WordPress blog to an installation of Ghost running on a droplet at Digital Ocean, I've wanted to make sure I was backing up my data in case something should ever happen. I decided the way I wanted to do this was to use the duplicity software ... Read more »

Python CLI & Library for Digital Ocean

Stumbled across today. Looks neat for those who are heavy into Digital Ocean but not using stuff like SaltStack to automate their environments. ... Read more »

Why I migrated from WordPress to Ghost

Ghost Markdown UI

When I split my blogs off, I decided to take a hard look at blogging and what I wanted to accomplish. I decided that I wanted to use something other than WordPress. Why? Because I found myself going through countless optimizations and was about to try to further speed it ... Read more »

Breaking the PageSpeed Barrier with Bootstrap

This is an awesome article for web developers out there who are looking to get the highest Pagespeed possible. It's written from a Bootstrap perspective, but there's gold in here for any real web developer. The Right Stuff: Breaking the PageSpeed Barrier with Bootstrap ... Read more »

Free Skype Premium Service for 12 Months

Stumbled upon the Skype Collaboration Project Promotion earlier today. Supposedly, if you sign up for it they will send you a voucher for a year's worth of free Premium service. I'm sure it's getting very abused right now, so I'll update this once more information is available. ... Read more »

Having Different Interests in Social Media

As it turns out, I am very unique. Not surprisingly, there are not a lot of people who tweet about a huge mix of Systems Engineering/Operations/DevOps type stuff as well as a lot of about Jesus, Church and Faith. This has created somewhat of a problem for years ... Read more »

Debian 7 Administrator's Handbook

I was browsing around my Google+ page today when I noticed a post saying the Debian 7 Administrator's Handbook had dropped a few weeks ago and I didn't even notice! This is an awesome reference for any Ops/DevOps person. ... Read more »

Optimizing NGINX TLS Time To First Byte (TTTFB)

Optimizing NGINX TLS Time To First Byte (TTTFB) via ... Read more »